One tool for everything


First things first: All elementary search fields are clearly arranged in a comprehensive interface. With one search you can take into account for example the following parameters:

  • Free trademark search field with wildcard functions and boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Automated word similarity search: automatically delivers identical, similar and phonetically similar hits
  • Automated image (logo) similarity search – automatically returns identical and similar images (logos)
  • Owner search
  • Vienna Classifications (image classes)
  • Nice Classes
  • Offices and Jurisdictions


Would you like to know whether there is an already registered figurative mark or design that is similar to the new draft you are considering? Nothing could be simpler: simply upload a JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF from your computer to the database and we will search for potential similarities or overlaps for you.


All identical, similar and phonetically similar hits that match your search query are listed in a clear hit list according to the percentage of similarity. With just one click, all relevant data and details of each hit can be displayed.


The gathered information of each search can be shown in a professional report. It is easy to include your own company or law firm logo and save the results as PDF, Word or Excel. The reports can be created in form of full documents, short lists or image lists.


In the report you not only document the date of the conducted search but also all relevant information on the trademarks or designs shown. This includes e.g. the complete address data of the trademark owner, protection periods and renewals as well as the corresponding registered classes.


To give you a quick overview of which results are particularly relevant or generate a need for action, you can easily rate/annotate them using the colours of our traffic light system to set up priorities and save them.


Each search performed can be saved if required. The saved search profiles are deposited within your account and can be automated for the monitoring service. The monitoring rhythm can be set individually e.g. monthly, biweekly or weekly. This way hits for the saved search profiles will be automatically delivered if they are e.g. new, changed or updated.


All monitoring results for the stored and automated search profiles are displayed in a clearly structured overview. Individual results can be edited, evaluated and processed into a professional report. Automated search profiles which are no longer required can also be deleted at this point at any time.


The complete administration of your search hits, reports, search profiles and monitoring results is done in the same way as you are used to with Windows Explorer. The desired folder names and hierarchies can be created individually in each account.